Analisis Perbandingan Penggunaan Jenis Bahan Bakar pada Mobil Avanza (Studi Kasus Kendaraan Taksi Pangkalan di Kota Ambon)

  • Tri Siwi Nasrulyati Universitas Darussalam Ambon
  • Awia Conang Universitas Darussalam Ambon
  • Nur Fazria Rumagutawan Universitas Darussalam Ambon
  • Muhammad Alvuad Mualo Universitas Darussalam Ambon
Keywords: Bahan bakar, performa mesin, konsumsi bahan bakar, nilai RON


This research aims to analyze the comparative usage of fuel types (premium, pertalite, and pertamax) on the performance of Toyota Avanza cars used as taxis in Ambon City. Fuel plays a crucial role in vehicle engines, with its calorific value affecting the maximum heat energy released through perfect combustion. The research employs a survey method, utilizing questionnaires as data collection instruments from respondents as research samples. The analysis results reveal that the highest fuel consumption occurs with the use of pertalite fuel with an RON value of 88, amounting to 0.333333 liters/km (36%). This is followed by the usage of pertalite fuel with an RON value of 90, consuming 0.319444 liters/km (34%). The lowest fuel consumption is recorded when using pertamax fuel with an RON value of 92, consuming 0.277778 liters/km (30%). This indicates that higher RON value fuels tend to result in lower fuel consumption, whereas lower RON value fuels lead to higher fuel consumption