Jurnal Agrohut was born on the initiation of a team of lecturers who are members of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Universitas Darussalam Ambon.

The name Agrohut was born from a fragment of the word "Agro", which reflects agriculture, and "hut", which indicates the identity of "forestry". The first issue of the Jurnal Agrohut was available in October 2010 and continues to provide a sufficient depth of analysis for each volume. Since the first issue, we have not consistently published regularly according to the publication schedule. The editor will set up this issue and than to improve in each edition. 

Entering 2018, after going through a long period of 8 years since the first publication, the publisher presents Agrohut online at the address http://e-journal.unidar.ac.id/index.php/agrohut. However, there were technical problems at the end of 2019 so we moved the journal house from the old house and joined e-journal.id using the new address https://unidar.e-journal.id/agh.